Is it a question of cultivation practices in the vineyards? Is it about wild yeasts? How do amphoras fit into the picture? Is it permitted to use sulphur in the winemaking process? And who drinks natural wines? Is this a passing hipster fashion? Or could it even be the future of wine production?

Alice Feiring, speaker at MUST – Fermenting Ideas:
“Natural wine is following the progress of natural food; explosive. This is global, not only local. Nothing has had this kind of power on the wine world since Robert Parker. The impact is not just in choice, but in the way we think about wine and taste it. I’m looking forward to telling the story of an overnight sensation that started over thirty years ago. Where did it come from? What is its effect now? Where is the market? And importantly, why has the notion of wine made as naturally as possible struck the nerve of the moment and why you cannot ignore its message. I’m going to cover it all.”

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